About Founder of Company

MR. Manish Singh founder of the regent organization and best sales coach.By qualification he is engineer (CS).  He is bright and hardworking person had a strong desire to learn about Business. He spent hours on his new ideas for business development. He started his business journey from august 2015. He is sale coach and motivational speaker. He achieved mastery into marketing field.Strong command of business and management principles as they pertain to development resource allocation, technical background in business analytics with 6years of experience. Effective communicator and motivator who indentifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organization goal.  Motivated team player with excellent public speaking ability and oral. Making the Best development business strategy with available resources. Best coach of personal and professional life. Initiator and problem-solver using creativity, resourcefulness and assets to break down and overcome organizational obstacles.

Push Your Self Because No One else is going to do for you..

Mr. Manish SIngh

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Welcome to The Regent Organisation, one of India’s most progressive marketing companies. The Regent Organisation works with some of the largest brands across India to help promote their products and services. We work with our clients to increase their market share and improve their sales and marketing strategies. The opportunity for new and exciting alliances to be formed is now greater than ever before. Our aim from the very beginning has been to be the best at what we do and through team work, total commitment to our people, clients and customers, we continue to exceed expectations. At The Regent Organisation we invest in our people, we maximize potential, develop skills and enjoy the rewards of our ambition. We know our team makes us who we are, the leaders of an exciting and expanding industry. Now with a marketing network that spans across India, together as one team, we are creating a path for the future by providing unlimited career opportunities. So be one of the leaders in our network.

Who We Are

We are Leading Business Consultant Involved in various Sectors, We Specialize in Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Revenue Generation, Recruitment Consultancy, etc. We are Best Known for our Work Culture &  Customer Service.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the pre-eminent face-to-face marketing organisation in our chosen territories providing our customers with ever increasing market share delivered through professional, fun and cost-effective partnerships while ensuring our people have an ever increasing opportunity to develop themselves and their careers in the sales industry.

Our Core Value

At The Regent Organisation, we place our clients at the centre of everything we do. We make a commitment to them through our brand promise of risk-free customer acquisition, guaranteed return-on-investment and brand enhancement.

We Work As


Marketing Company

1) Entrepreneurship Training Module
2) Business Development
3) Team Building
4) Sales Training
5) Team Management


Business Consultant

1) How to Start-up
2) Skills Required
3) Business Strategies


Recruitment Consultancy

1) Staff Recruitment
2) Placement of Right Candidate
3) For Job Seekers

Shaping the Future

Why Choose Us?

  • Result Oriented Training
  • Award Winning Support Team
  • Best Learning Techniques
  • Experienced Professionals

'Results orientation' is a term used to describe a person's ability to recognise what results are important – and what steps need to be taken to achieve them. It is an important skill in many careers, such as business or law, as it can be pivotal to the success of an organisation.

1. Set Specific Goals

2. Be Proactive

3. Be Available

4. Provide Specialized Help

5. Be a Resource

  1. Pick a place and time. Everyone has their own idea about the  Best place and time to Study.
  2. Study every day.
  3. Plan your time.
  4. Discover your learning style.
  5. Review and revise.
  6. Take breaks.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Stay motivated.

Experienced is about having certain working experience. Seasoned is about having experience and being recognized as such by your boss (es) and peers. It have to do you doing your job with excellence.